Domestic Violence

Things TO DO if you have been injured by someone’s carelessness:

Never be a victim of domestic violence

If you have been charged with a misdemeanor or felony involving Domestic Violence (which mean the alleged victim is your spouse, child, or someone you have dated or had sex with), it is vital that you immediately contact a well-qualified trial lawyer that emphasizes criminal defense work. My name is Eric Derleth and I have the education, training and experience to handle even the most challenging domestic violence cases. I can help you understand the facts and law in your case. I can also help you and your family learn ways to cope with the overwhelming pressure that will naturally result when someone accuses you of something so serious that you could lose your liberty, property, children, guns rights and/or your job.

What could happen to you

Because so-called “domestic violence” has become a favorite hot-button issue for politicians and the police, even relatively minor charges can have dramatic impact on your life.

A single domestic violence allegation and conviction could affect your rights to parent or even visit your own children, prohibit you from living in your own house, negatively affect your employment and cause you to risk violating Federal Law by merely possessing ammunition or a firearm. And, do not make the fatal mistake of assuming that misdemeanors are not very serious.

How we can help you

I have the knowledge and experience to help you defend yourself if the alleged victim files for a Restraining Order against you. Without you even realizing it, the court could order you to vacate your own house, turn over your vehicle to the alleged victim, prevent you from seeing your children, and even allow the alleged victim to live in your house while you pay all of the bills. Especially in cases involving alleged domestic violence, you need to gather evidence to prove you are innocent. Of course you are presumed innocent, but juries have been poisoned against any criminal defendant who might have committed domestic violence. For example, in Alaska unless there is some court order prohibiting telephone contact, you can speak to the alleged victim on the phone while making an audio recording of the call to catch them admitting that you are innocent and have never harmed them before. If you do not record this important evidence, you should not be surprised when the alleged victim changes the story later and maybe even enhances the accusations for good measure.
Fortunately, the best thing you can do is also the simplest to remember: Shut up. Do not talk. Do not talk to anyone, including your family or friends about the allegations, especially over the telephone. To be safe, presume that anyone who tries to talk to you about allegations involving you are tape-recording you. The second thing you should do is quickly set a time to personally talk to a good trial lawyer who handles criminal defense regularly. Tell the lawyer’s office when you call that your case is important and that you need to meet with the lawyer as soon as possible. When you make that call to me, my staff will make sure you speak with me at my next available slot – often that same day.

If you want me to take a look at your domestic violence case, please fill out the confidential intake form. All information you share with my office will be kept private and not shared with anyone without your express permission. If a referral to a different law office or other professional is deemed appropriate, one may be made at that time.

Take action now!

Do not delay this important step. Even if you don’t call me, make sure you ask around for recommendations for well-qualified trial lawyers instead of just calling some unknown name from a yellow pages ad you see. While you need to act quickly, do not decide foolishly. Do some investigation into the reputation of the lawyer you choose to meet with – this could be the most important situation you have ever faced and you need to make the right decision about who to hire.

I suggest you read the “Top Ten Things You Must Ask Your Lawyer” before you have your next meeting with whichever lawyer you choose. All lawyers are not the same and your serious situation demands the best. I can promise to give you my best and that I’ll use everything I know to try to win your case or get you the best result that maximizes your freedom.

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