Representing the good people of Alaska for 25 years

If you are looking for a lawyer for a personal injury or criminal defense case, you need someone who can do three things: help a jury understand the case; persuade them of your position; and motivate them to act in your favor. Attorney Eric Derleth is known as “the Trial Guy” because of his ability to communicate effectively and clearly—and get results.

All attorneys study the law. For decades, Eric Derleth has also studied how people think and make decisions. He uses that knowledge to communicate with juries and judges and help them make the right decisions in cases that could affect the rest of his clients’ lives.

Trial Lawyer Prepared to Win

Eric understands that even having the law and facts on your side isn’t always enough to win at trial. You also have to be prepared to get the facts and law across to the people who hold your client’s future in their hands. Eric is well-known and respected in legal circles for his meticulous preparation of every case. He is determined to outthink, outwork, and outprepare the attorneys on the other side and give his clients every possible advantage in their legal matter.