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Have you Been Injured by a Defective Product in Anchorage, Alaska?

Defective products attorneys in Alaska

If a defective product injures you, you may be liable for injuries by the company of the product that designed, manufactured, distributed, inspected, and installed that product. Such lawsuits are known as product liability cases. With experienced personal injury attorneys by your side, you will be able to recover from your injury while we obtain your medical bills and other losses.

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What do Defective products mean?

The three main categories that product liability claim falls into are:-

  • Mistake of manufacturer
  • The flaw in the product design
  • No adequate warnings in the product

Mistake of manufacturer- Usually, the term defective product is referred to as a mistake made by a manufacturer. It is assumed that there has been no defect in the original product design but the manufacturing process, which resulted in the faulty product. Sometimes it happens that manufacturers take shortcuts or use cheap materials for the products.

The flaw in the product design- Apart from the manufacturing defect, there are defects in the product's design. Sometimes the product designs are faulty or dangerous. Examples can be airbags that do not deploy correctly, power tools that do not have safety guards, or cosmetics with toxic materials.

No adequate warnings in the product- Companies can also be held responsible for product defects if they do not provide sufficient warnings or instructions for the usage of the product. Even after a flawless design and no manufacturing defects, many products fail to do better in the market because of inadequate instructions and warnings on the product's packaging. Products like snow machines and ATVs electrical appliances have elements of danger and require adequate warning labels and instructions to use these products safely and appropriately.

Maximum chance of obtaining compensation under Strict Liability Rule

In product liability cases, strict liability standards are applicable in Alaska. The strict liability rules mention that a company can be held liable for defective products even if there was no negligence or unreasonable conduct. Strict liability rules mean that individuals affected or severely injured by using faulty products can seek a better chance of compensation and claim under the standard negligence rules. The strict liability rule applicable in Alaska is simple theoretically but complicated practically. Our experienced defective product attorney, Eric Derleth can help you understand all your product-related questions and give you a better understanding of your case and advise you accordingly.

Product liability versus other legal liability

The term product liability is vast and product-related, and it often intersects with different types of other penalties. Cases including defective medical devices fall under medical malpractice; miss firing guns fall under firearm accident law, and product liability, house cleaning staff with no adequate warning can cause toxic exposure.

Our experienced personal injury lawyer can handle all these legal complexities to obtain you the compensation you deserve no matter what circumstances were involved.

Compensation in defective product case

The manufacturers of the product are required to test their products thoroughly and keep them under trial before making them available to the public at large. This page is to avoid any accident or injury happening out of product malfunctions. Even the vendors and retailers should protect their consumers by disclosing all the risks associated with the usage of the product and making sure that they constantly know what they should know about the product.

If you suffer from a personal injury because the manufacturer or the vendor was negligent in dispersing their duties, you have the right to receive compensation. To maximize the amount of compensation in the defective product injury case, you must be able to prove the following points:-

  • The manufacturer or the vendor at the duty towards you
  • They breached the duty
  • The breach caused you the injury

However, the manufacturer or vendor sometimes tries to deny the liability by mentioning that the product was not under warranty or you were at fault for using the product in the wrong way. The company will in every way try to protect themselves and not accept the liability they go to the customer. Therefore you should also be ready with an experienced representative who will represent your case vigorously.

Kinds of product liability

There are three types of product liability claims: negligence, strict liability, and breach of warranty.

In case of a negligence claim, carelessness is involved in designing and manufacturing the product, leading to injuries.

In the case of a strict liability claim, a plaintiff must prove that the product was defective and the injury was a direct cause of that defect.

The breach of warranty claim depends on when the product was purchased.

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Whenever you purchase and use a product you assume that it's safe for you to use it. But when that isn't the case and the product is defective and it's seriously injured as you, your life can be changed upside down. If this has happened to you have every right to seek compensation and you. You can consider consulting with our skilled compassionate and experienced personal injury lawyer for the same.

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