Alaska’s rugged terrain makes travel to some areas of the state nearly impossible except by small aircraft. Unfortunately, inclement weather, mechanical failure, pilot or air traffic control error, violation of safety standards, or some combination of the above can lead to aviation accidents. Unsurprisingly, severe injuries and loss of life are common in such accidents. If you or a loved one have been injured in an aviation accident in Alaska, you may be facing a long recovery, potentially permanent disability, large medical bills, and loss of income.

When you are seriously injured or grieving, filing a claim against the party responsible for your accident may not feel like a priority. Yet a lawsuit may be the only way to get the financial compensation you need to put your life back together, and Alaska law gives you only a limited time to file. Once the statute of limitations has passed, you can no longer file a lawsuit against the party that injured you, no matter how serious their wrongdoing.

Aviation accident attorney Eric Derleth can manage your legal claims so that you can focus on healing and taking care of your family.

Filing a Claim for an Alaska Aviation Accident

A serious accident is a perfect storm: your expenses for things like medical care, household help, and assistive devices go up when you are unable to work and earn income. If your accident was caused by someone else’s negligence, they should bear the responsibility for your financial damages.

No amount of financial recovery can truly make you whole, especially if you have lost a loved one. Unfortunately, a financial award is the best our court system can do to compensate you for your losses after an aviation accident.

An insurance company for the responsible party may contact you with a settlement offer. If you are in a difficult financial situation, it may be tempting to just accept the offer, but that is a terrible idea. In exchange for a settlement, you must agree to give up your claims against the responsible party. Insurance companies often offer a low settlement because they know accident victims may be desperate. Unfortunately, that settlement may not be enough to cover your needs down the road.

Never accept a settlement without speaking to an experienced Alaska aviation accident attorney. An attorney who has dealt with numerous injured clients can help you assess what your long-term needs are likely to be, and whether a settlement offer will meet them. In addition, injury victims who are represented by attorneys typically receive settlements that are at least three times the amount that unrepresented victims are offered. Perhaps most importantly, if an insurance company does not make an acceptable offer, the right attorney can take them to court and get a jury verdict in the injury victim’s favor.

Attorney Eric Derleth is known as “the Trial Guy” because of his meticulous preparation for trial and his strong track record of success in Alaska injury cases.

Experienced Alaska Aviation Accident Attorney

Eric Derleth was born and raised in Alaska and has devoted over 25 years to practicing personal injury law here, including aviation accidents. From his office in Soldotna, he serves clients throughout Alaska, including Anchorage, the Mat-Su, Juneau, and the Kenai Peninsula. He knows the laws and the courts of this state, and he has a unique approach to trial that leads to favorable outcomes for his clients.

Eric is well-known for his thorough investigation and preparation of claims, as well as his ability to persuade a jury to act on his client’s behalf. He presents the facts and law in a clear, cohesive way that makes it easy for juries to “connect the dots” and award his clients the damages they deserve in these often-complex cases.

To protect your rights and learn more about how aviation accident attorney Eric Derleth can help you recover from your injuries, contact the Trial Guy for a free, confidential, no-obligation consultation.