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Car Accident Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need an attorney after a car accident happened in Alaska?

Suppose you or your loved one experiences a car injury because of another person's recklessness. There, you can benefit quickly from talking to an Alaska injury lawyer at Trial Guy today. Usually, the insurance company for the person who caused the injury will try to settle with you before contacting a lawyer. The reason for this is apparent– the insurance company understands it can probably pay far fewer monetary damages without an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side since you show no real threat of suing to prove your actual damages. If you contact us today, we will investigate your case and get the vital witness statements, photographs, documents, and other materials to protect your rights.

Do I have to be physically injured in a car accident to get compensation?

Not likely. In Alaska, you do not be physically injured to seek compensation after a car accident. There are other damage claims beyond physical damage. Damages can include employment losses and property damage, so do not have a specific bodily injury to be compensated. To learn more about your car accident law in Alaska, contact attorney Eric Derleth, the Trial Guy, today to speak with a lawyer and proud member of the Anchorage, Soldotna, and Kenai community.

Should I accept the settlement offer that the insurance company makes? 

Not necessarily. First, remember that the at-fault driver's insurance company does not support your interest in mind after a car accident. It doesn't matter how severe your damage is or how much you're suffering in the accident, and they are likely more concerned about paying you out soon than offering you the payment you need to compensate for the effects of your injury.

When the insurance company presents you with an initial settlement amount, it will be in your best interest to immediately contact an experienced car accident attorney in Alaska before you accept or refuse the offer. A knowledgeable personal injury lawyer can help you determine whether the request is too low based on your injury and recovery process. 

My insurance company says I do not need a lawyer and wants to settle. Should I approach one?

First, remember who the insurance adjuster works for: the at-fault's insurance company. Insurance adjusters want to settle your case for the minimum amount. What may seem like an acceptable offer to you could fall far short of any payment agreed through an attorney. It is always a good idea to talk with an attorney before accepting any settlement amount made to you by any insurance company.

I was injured in a car accident but may have been partly at fault. Can I still claim my damages?

Yes. As per Alaska's comparative negligence rules, you may still have a claim even though you were partly at fault for causing a car accident. These injury cases are very fact-specific, and you should always contact an injury lawyer in Alaska.

Should I seek another opinion if a lawyer thinks I do not have a claim?

Yes. Different attorneys will examine a potential case differently. Some lawyers in Alaska may not be familiar with the claim you have. If your lawyer declines your case, find a second opinion here.

Can I change my attorney while my car injury case is pending?

You may change your attorney. However, your initial injury attorney usually may be paid for services rendered up to the time of dismissal. The attorney will be paid from the fee earned at the end. Your new attorney will usually work out an arrangement whereby the fee is divided tween the two attorneys.

How long do I have to file my Alaska car injury case?

You are under the burden to file your car injury case within the statute of limitations, a fixed time dictated by the Alaskan law. You must bring your claim within two years from the accident that caused the injury in various injury cases. For a further explanation of these granted time limits, always contact a lawyer in Alaska experienced. The Statute of Limitations in Alaska varies according to the type of case, so always seek experienced legal representation as soon as possible following a car accident.

How much monetary compensation is my car accident injury case worth?

It would be best if you remembered that any offer is simply a guess about what a jury will pay. The Trial Guy bases his opinions upon thousands of similar topics and years of experience. A jury will determine an injury case that goes to trial. The jury will examine such things as how the accident happened, what injuries you suffered, the number of medical expenses, future medical problems, lost income, and future loss of income. We study every minor detail to get you the exact compensation you deserve for your car accident injuries.

Should I go to court to seek my injury claim?

Not likely. Suppose the insurance company, when presented with a compelling summary of your case and the possible outcomes of a trial on its merits, agrees to resolve your claim voluntarily on fair terms. There, we will not have to sue on your behalf. During this phase of negotiations, we will actively keep you informed about all progress and make no rejection or settlement of the offer without your prior approval. If our settlement efforts are exhausted without an adequate resolution, we will then sue on your behalf–again, based upon your authorization.

What if I cannot visit your office?

Many of the accident victims we have assisted in the past could not come into our offices because of injury or other problems. If you cannot visit our office, we would gladly send someone out to you in Anchorage or Soldotna so we can work on your claim quickly.

Can I meet with the attorney?

Yes. Under our practice, we give a comprehensive, detailed consultation over the phone call audio/video, free. If, after this initial consultation, you wish to visit our offices in Anchorage or Soldotna for a face-to-face meeting before we work on your case, we will warmly welcome such a visit. You can consult with car accident attorney Eric Derleth about your case. Any meeting will be set quickly and involve a comprehensive examination of any possible personal injury claims.

How much does a car injury attorney charge in Alaska?

We, at Trial Guy, proudly offer free consultation on your first visit or telephone call. All your questions will be addressed, and there is no obligation. We will advance all costs for investigators, experts, filing fees, and other court expenses related to seeking the maximum recovery possible. For getting exclusive fee offer, we encourage you to visit our office or contact us online. Attorney Eric Derleth never charges a fee in car accidents or personal injury cases unless we win your case.


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