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Eric Derleth has dedicated his legal career to defending Alaskans against criminal charges to get the best possible results for everyone he helps. If you're accused of a crime in Alaska, you need an aggressive criminal defense lawyer to protect you and your family. You need a criminal attorney, Eric Derleth.


Criminal Defense Eric Derleth

Criminal defense attorney Eric Derleth has the education, the training, and the experience to handle even the most challenging felony trials. He can help you understand the facts and law in your case. Because of the human toll these cases can take, he can also help you and your family learn ways to cope with the overwhelming pressure that will naturally result when someone accuses you of something so serious that you could be branded a “felon” for the rest of your life.




Criminal Defense Eric Derleth Alaska

Don't make the fatal mistake of assuming that misdemeanors are not serious. If a jury makes that mistake and your criminal lawyer does not correct it, you could be convicted on a weak case. In fact, juries have been poisoned to believe that the police and government do not charge people and drag them through a trial unless they are “obviously guilty”.




Criminal Defense Eric Derleth

If you've been accused of domestic violence, then it is important that you dispute the charge against you. Otherwise, the court may issue restraining orders (protective orders) that will seriously impact your personal and professional life. Eric Derleth knows how to fight against accusations of domestic violence and to protect your freedoms. Contact our criminal attorney today for a free and confidential meeting so that you can learn more about how Eric Derleth can help you.


Criminal Defense Attorney in Alaska

In Alaska, under Statute 12.45.150(b), you have the immediate right after arrest to speak with a criminal defense attorney, a family member, or a close friend. The police cannot delay your making a call. If you are under detention, you have the absolute privilege under the 5th Amendment to the Federal and Alaska State laws not to incriminate yourself.

Have you or a loved one convicted of a severe crime in Anchorage or Soldotna? When your rights, future, and freedom are on the line, it is vital to have someone on your side who devotes their time and effort to protect you. At Trial Guy, our seasoned criminal defense lawyers are well aware of the various consequences you face when you are facing criminal charges. Here is a brief introduction to common types of criminal charges in Alaska.

Domestic Violence in Alaska 

Domestic violence can be a criminal or civil case. If a domestic violence restraining order petition is filed, it is usually a civil case. But, if an arrest happens, criminal charges will likely prevail. Alaska recognizes several crimes under the umbrella of “domestic violence.” For instance, the crime of “fear assault” may lead to an arrest for just scaring anyone. If the accused violates something that may perceive as threatening, the alleged victim may demand criminal charges and swear out a warrant, and the police may arrest the person being charged.

The consequences involved in domestic violence charges can be pretty severe, especially if serious physical injury occurs. Daycare workers, personal care attendants, and any career associated with a school or medical facility may instantly be fired if convicted of a domestic violence crime. You may lose your right to carry a firearm. You could face jail and significant fines. For further free and quick consultation, it is necessary to contact an experienced domestic violence lawyer Eric Derleth to help you find possible defenses and mitigating factors in your particular case.

Drug Charges in Alaska

Alaska has its own set of laws that regulate drug charges. Alaska split controlled dangerous substances into six different categories known as “schedules.” The below-given schedules are divided according to how lethal they are.

  • Schedule VIA: It is considered to be the least dangerous category of drug. Marijuana is the only drug classified in this schedule.
  • Schedule VA: This type is more dangerous than schedule VIA substances. Steroids, codeine, and some opiates are fall under VA drugs.
  • Schedule IVA: This category comprises many drugs, including diazepam and barbiturates.
  • Schedule IIIA: Drugs considered to be schedule IIIA include tetrahydrocannabinol, parahexyl, and hashish.
  • Schedule IIA: This category includes PCP, amphetamine, and peyote.
  • Schedule IA: This category deals with the most notorious drugs available, including opiate derivatives, e.g., heroin.

Punishments for Alaska drug crimes include imprisonment of up to 10 years or fines of $100,000. Repeat criminal offenders may face even more severe penalties for multiple convictions.

Theft Charges in Alaska

Theft charges differ in degree and penalty as well. Most cases revolve around intent. In charges of theft, whether from a store, place of business, or a person, the state has a substantial burden proving a person intentionally committed an act of theft.

Consequences of a Theft Charge

Theft can be a serious charge. Alaska classifies theft by the value of the property taken.

Theft charges are as follows:

  • 4th degree for theft property valued at under $50
  • 3rd degree for theft property valued between $50 - $500
  • 2nd degree for theft property valued between $750-$25,000
  • 1st degree for theft property valued at more than $25,000

Surrounding circumstances, previous convictions, the mental state of the person charged, and the class of the offense can all influence sentencing and your defense. In cases where the intention of the person accused is not clear, it can be beneficial to work with an experienced theft attorney in Alaska to ensure that the charge is adequately fought.

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