Disorderly Conduct, Public Intoxication & other Alcohol Related Crimes

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Drunk in Public, Alcohol-Related, or Disorderly Conduct Charges in Alaska

Laws relating to criminal offenses are always hard to understand. When an individual is charged with a criminal offense, he and his family have to go through a nightmare. The life of an accused's family members is also at risk. So, whenever an individual is charged with a criminal offense, he should hire a lawyer to help and guide him throughout the trial. Sometimes an individual can be wrongly accused, and conviction for crimes that one has not committed is not just and fair. A lawyer can help you in defending yourself in this tough time in front of the court. 

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Alcohol-Related Crimes in Alaska

Alcohol-related crimes are classified as Class A misdemeanors. A Class A misdemeanor is a crucial type of misdemeanor. The following are some alcohol-related crimes:

  • If you are 19 years old or older and assist or encourage a child to commit any legal violation, including the consumption of alcohol, then you are charged with delinquency of the child. 
  • If you sell or distribute alcohol to an individual who is less than 21 years of age then you have committed the crime of furnishing. 
  • The crime of consumption and possession of alcohol occurs when you are a minor (less than 21 years of age).
  • Participating in the following activities while under 21 years of age:
  • Purchase alcohol for yourself or someone else.
  • Requesting someone to purchase alcohol for you or someone else.
  • If you are encouraging someone to give alcohol to a minor by misrepresenting him/her as an adult.
  • Misleading someone by giving false information about your age just to get alcohol.

Public Intoxication

If you are drunk and behave in a manner that causes threat and disturbs the peace of your neighbor, society then you have committed a crime. This falls under a misdemeanor. Whether you have committed the crime or not depends on the following elements. These elements are: -

  • If you have appeared in public while drunk- You can be charged for public intoxication if you were drinking while appearing in public places like streets, parks, hospitals, stadiums, restaurants, or entered someone else's property without permission.
  • Intimidating another person- if you have interfered with another's safety or peace while drunk, you may be liable for criminal charges. 
  • Intoxicated by alcohol, drugs, or any other illegal intoxicating substance- if you are under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or illegal intoxicating substances, you are liable for the charges. This does not include medicinal effects.  

In Alaska, public intoxication is not considered a crime, but it enacts laws that will keep the person in their home or assist them in finding a treatment facility. 

Disorderly Conduct 

The act of intentionally creating a threat, risk, or disturbance to another individual is known as disorderly conduct. Disorderly behavior includes actions such as these:

  • Loud music is being played with the intent of harming others.
  • Continuing to play loud music after being warned about it. 
  • Ignoring and not abiding by the rules of the peace officer.
  • The act of unnecessarily challenging another for a duel to create a scene
  • Creating danger for others by engaging in unlawful and unethical behaviors with no appropriate reason.
  • Strolling
  • Acting in a manner that harms someone's privacy and peace.
  • Starting a rampage.

Disorderly conduct laws in Alaska

The laws relating to disorderly conduct are given in Alaska Stat. § 11.61.110. Disorderly conduct can occur both in public and private spaces. All offenses related to disorderly conduct fall under the category of Class B misdemeanors. If you are guilty of the offense of misdemeanor then you will have to face the punishment of 90 days in jail or a fine of $2,000 or both. 

What to do if you get charged for the alcohol offense.

If you are arrested for crimes related to alcohol, do not panic follow some of these steps: -

  • If you are getting arrested by a police officer, be supportive and corporate with him with dignity and respect.
  • Do not lie or try to mislead the officer by providing false information
  • Listen carefully to the warnings given to you and do not talk too much about the case
  • Inform them that you know your rights and want to contact a lawyer.
  • Contact a lawyer as soon as possible for defending yourself.
  • If you get acquitted by the officer, listen to the conditions of acquittal carefully and follow them. If you fail in abiding by the rules, you might be arrested for a more serious offense. 

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