Getting injured in a car accident can be a horrifying experience. You may be facing severe injuries that will require significant medical support. Going through an injury after a motor vehicle accident is challenging. Every car accident is not similar, and it is hard to comprehend the worth of your case without discussing it with an experienced attorney. Suppose you or your loved one find yourself in a similar perplexing situation. It is vital to contact an experienced personal injury attorney in Alaska who will help you understand the law and help you know how much your car accident case is worth. A lawyer will help you recover fair compensation for your injury. Going through such an event alone with no help will cause mistakes, and many minimize any financial compensation.

At Trial Guy, we know your pain and can help you get fair compensation to help you heal. We are here to listen and help. Our Anchorage car accident lawyer Eric Derleth possesses a vast understanding and experience of Alaska law regarding personal injury law and accident cases in Alaska.

What Factors Matter in Car Accident Claims?

If you have been hurt in a car accident, you must know your car's value and the damages you have suffered. The factors that will affect the value of our claim are:

  • The severeness of the hurt caused and the required medical treatment - if one is incapacitated permanently, that will influence the damages.
  • The wages you lost - this involves the wages lost because of the hurt.
  • Comparative negligence rule - if the accident happened was because of the entire fault of the other driver, the other driver will have to pay all the medical bills, lost wages, and other damages that need to be recovered. You may recover damages if you are partially at fault and caused the car crash.
  • Pure comparative fault - if both parties in the accident are at fault, this could reduce the damages for their responsibility.

Pain and Suffering

Pain suffering defines the emotional and mental agony a person suffers because of the car accident, for example, stress, grief, anxiety, trauma, terror, loss of sleep. Some elements that need to be considered while calculating pain and suffering are:

  • How serious is the harm caused?
  • What kind of medical assistance will be needed for that harm?
  • Whether the harm is affecting their work and social life.
  • Is there any hope for recovery?

As pain and suffering is a subjective thing, there is no definite amount that one can estimate. One needs to prove the pain and suffering caused to him. It can be established by the following:

  • Proof of medical records
  • All necessary documents proving the treatment or care the person is receiving
  • Statement of their friends and family on oath
  • Statements of doctors saying the seriousness of the injury
  • Accounts of the persons helping him by providing medical treatment
  • Whether they are healing or not

Insurance coverage

Another factor that will help determine the value of the car accident is the insurance coverage one has. One should consult an experienced personal injury accident attorney on this as he knows how to deal with the insurance companies. One should not agree to lower compensation, not at all practical. Be compensated for the injuries and pain and loss you've suffered.

Statute of Limitation

Statute of limitation is the time frame within which one has to sue if he wants to recover damages when he has suffered an injury because of a car accident. The Statute of limitations depends on the accident you have suffered and the damages you want to recover. The present Statute of limitation in Alaska for car accidents is two years. If one wants to recover the damages, one must sue within two years from the car crash. After that, one cannot file a case to recover compensation. Immediately hire a reasonable attorney to deal with your issue. Like most laws, there are exceptions to the SOL law in Alaska.

Pure Comparative fault Doctrine

If you are somewhat liable for the injuries suffered, this doctrine says that the compensation awarded will be reduced to the fault's extent. For example, A is driving over the speed limit, and by mistake, skipped the traffic light and crashed with Car B, who is drunk driving. Suppose the attorney discovered during the case trial that A is 20% responsible for the accident, and B is liable for the remaining 80%. Then the compensation recovered by A will be 20% subtracted from the total damages awarded. One cannot find all this on his own. A motor vehicle accident attorney will investigate all the facts and helps you in dealing with all these complications with little trouble.

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