Hunting and Gun Accidents in Alaska

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Every Year over 100 Fatalities Occur While Hunting & 100s of Others Are Hurt in Gun Related Accidents

Hunting accidents and Gun accidents lawyer in Alaska

Possession of guns is common in Alaska. According to Article 1 section 19 of the Alaska constitution, the citizen of Alaska has the right to keep and bear arms. It also provides that the person's right of keeping arms should not be violated by the State or any political subdivision of the state. However, it has also been mentioned that the right that is guaranteed cannot stop the federal state from keeping in check the firearms for example:

  • Registration of handguns
  • Illegalising certain types of guns
  • Illegalising concealed weapons 
  • Restricting the lawbreakers from possessing guns.

Thus, it is evident that the people of Alaska keep guns with them for purposes like sports, hunting, self-defense, and many more. Though they keep guns with full precautions nothing is certain. There can be situations where the use of guns can result in serious injury, disablement, or death. Life is full of such devastating unexpected events. 

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Reasons for Gun accident

Gun and hunting accidents can happen because of various reasons, some of them are :

  • Inappropriate use of firearms.
  • Negligence and carelessness on the part of the owner while holding or using the firearm.
  • Lack of proper maintenance of firearms may cause accidents while or during use of it.
  • If there is the default in the gun because of inappropriate and improper manufacturing.

Defect in the gun manufacturing

Guns are dangerous weapons. Using it requires skill, technique, and practice. If not used properly you might end up hurting someone. Thus the guns which you are holding must be properly manufactured. The manufacturer should design guns keeping every important fact in mind like safety locks, resistance, and then with attention and focus produce them. Common defaults that may be the reason for the accident are:

  • The trigger is oversensitive
  • Improper safety locks that result in unintentional discharge
  • There is a flaw in bolt action
  • Shell ejection failure
  • Fragmentation of ammo case head
  • Unnecessary fire dropping
  • The resistance required for the trigger operation is inappropriate.
  • Default in chamber indicator

Negligence on part of Gun owner and seller

Negligence can play an important role in gun accidents. The gun owner and seller both should act keeping safety in mind. It is important to keep in check that the gun is registered and handed over to a competent individual. There are many examples when it has been found that the guns are handed over illegally. Sellers make sales by not following the laws. Sometimes they hand over the guns to mentally unfit people, young children, intoxicated and incompetent people. Such sales can be devastating and destructing. There should be proper protocols for these like checking IDs and other important information.

Even the owners of the gun should be very careful. They should store their guns in an area or place where no other person can acquire them easily, especially in cases where children are involved. Children are innocent they do not know the difference between toys and guns. This carelessness on part of the owners will lead them to danger. Thus both seller and the owner should be careful. 

Statutory limitation 

Personal injury law in Alaska is based on tort law. According to the Alaska statute§ 09.10.070, a person cannot bring a lawsuit against a person for personal injuries after 2 years. The timeline in these cases starts when the insured person discovers that there is a claim against the wrongdoer. Statute of limitation might not be applicable in a case where the individual was a minor or was a disabled person. This process is known as tolling. Even if we do not consider the timeline in the statute of limitation, taking timely action is very important in such personal injury cases to speed up the process.

You are entitled to compensation

Getting injured in a gun accident can be painful for you and your family. It is difficult to handle all these alone as there are a lot of things that need to be taken care of. Sometimes the injury is not so serious but sometimes it results in death. If you are a victim of a gun accident and got harmed because of the negligence of others you are entitled to compensation. 

The cases involving gun accidents are complicated and full of legal problems. We are here to help you in getting through this. We have a good understanding of Alaska laws and will help you in getting the compensation that will cover your medical expense and other losses.  Our lawyers will assist you and discuss all the legal options which are available and best for you. 

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The best way to deal with firearm accidents is, of course, to prevent them in the first place. We hope that Alaskan firearm owners do their best to practice safe and responsible ownership. Unfortunately, accidents can happen even to the most careful firearms owners or to anyone who comes into proximity with a gun during hunting. If you or your loved one have been injured or you have lost your loved one, you can contact TrialGuy at 907-262-9164 to speak to our experienced personal injury lawyer.

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