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Jail or Bail in Alaska

Jail, Bail and Bail Bonds for Criminal Cases in Alaska

Suppose an individual has committed a crime? In that case, he will be taken into custody by the police and will either immediately have a bail set or must wait on a hearing to set bail to get out of jail. Once a court has set bail, a criminal defendant will be released pending they can afford bail. They can use a Bail Bond Company to get out of jail. These bail bonds help the individual getting out of jail for a temporary period. The legal system of Alaska allows a bail bond company to provide bail bonds services so that one can get out of jail. The bail bond is the standard method of bail used in Alaska. This process is usually quick unless your bail is too high and you cannot afford to get out of bail.

One will need an experienced bail bond lawyer in Alaska who understands the process and assists you and your loved ones throughout the process. At Trial Guy, our Anchorage criminal attorney Eric Derleth possesses a vast understanding and experience of Alaskan laws regarding jail and bail cases.

How does the process of bail bonds work?

When a person is charged with a crime and gets arrested, the first step is to contact an experienced criminal charges lawyer in Alaska who can guide and help him get bail. A lawyer can help the defendant by communicating with the bail bond company on behalf of the accused and can work on the methods. The lawyer can contact the bail bondsman about the procedures. The bail bondsman will do the needful requirements and ask the questions necessary to address. For instance, the name of the accused, his age, residence, etc. Once these details gather, he will come up with an agreement. After complying with the agreement, the bail bondsman will do all the work, and the defendant will be released from jail. Most Bail Bonds Companies charge ten about ten percent of the bail price and sometimes work on payment arrangements. Thus, if your bail is 60,000 dollars, then you would have to pay the bail bond agent 6,000 dollars to get out of jail.

A lawyer should have certain pieces of information with him like the name of the jail where the accused is in custody, his full name, the crimes he has committed, the booking number and charges, and other vital pieces of information.

After getting released, one must comply with all the bail conditions imposed by the Court, like appearing before the Court whenever he is called while the trial is going on. He must commit another offense, often refrain from drugs and alcohol, or contact the alleged victim of a crime. Typically, a criminal defendant will not be allowed to leave the State of Alaska during the criminal trial process. If he does not comply with the conditions, his bail will be revoked, and he will be arrested immediately. 

Four ways to get out of jail in Alaska

  1. By one's assurance- In Alaska, the officers of the Court can let go of the defendant on their assurance if the crime is not a serious one (Class A felony). The defendants are set free on the conditions set by the Court, and the accused must fulfill the bail requirements. The defendant will need to provide surety they will regularly attend the Court hearings if necessary and will cause no more harm to the victim or other people in society.
  2. Cash Bond- One of the simple processes to get out of jail is to pay the bond in cash. This amount can either be paid by the defendant himself or by someone on behalf of the defendant, also known as an Indemnitor. This is done when the crime is not a serious one, and the amount for bail is low, and it is easy to pay. The advantage is that one need not pay a premium amount to the bail bond company.
  3. Surety Bond- In this case, the defendant must pay only ten percent of the amount per Alaska Law. This is affordable, and the entire amount is not to be paid. The bail-in full is to be paid only if the defendant does not appear at the time. The company will not return the ten percent premium amount.
  4. Property Bond- This is done where the crimes committed by the defendant are serious. Here, the defendant can give his property to the bail bond company for bail. The defendant must own the property. The bail amount is often high.
  5. Alaska pre-trial services-, the court will put certain pre-trial conditions like GPS tracking, drug testing, and a rehab program for the defendant. The defendant need not pay cash for the bail.
  6. Third-party release in Alaska- If the defendant has committed no crime before and the offense committed is not grave, the court can free the defendant and hand him over to a trusted family member or loved one who will take full responsibility for the defendant's behavior and conduct. The third person or the party should ensure that he will keep the defendant's behavior in check and make sure that he appears during each hearing before the judge.

What happens if I miss a court date while on bond?

If you miss a court date while on Bond, the judge will likely revoke your bail and issue a warrant for your arrest. Our criminal lawyers can many times have your bond reinstated by filing a motion to reinstate the bond with the judge. The best thing to do if you miss a court date is to call an experienced Alaska criminal attorney as soon as possible. 

What if my bond is too high?

If your bond is initially set too high, and you cannot afford to get out of jail, then our attorneys can file a motion to have your bail reduced. The U.S. Constitution favors bail, and there are often many ways to have bail reduced even while you are facing serious criminal charges. 

Our lawyers can help now

If you or your family members or friends have been arrested and you have no idea of how to deal with that situation, there is no need to get panic. You can immediately get a Free Consultation from a seasoned and reliable criminal charges lawyer in Alaska to handle all these complex procedures. We understand this problematic situation and present the aggressive case representation you need to ensure your rights are protected during this challenging time.

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