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The carelessness of a driver and his inattentiveness to the presence of pedestrians can cause accidents and serious injuries, or even death. Even after the pedestrians take precautions and are aware of the surrounding accidents do take place. Some pedestrian accidents happen when a person is being hit by a vehicle while crossing the road or a car bumping into a pedestrian. If we disclose the number of accidents annually, it accounts for approximately 70,000 injuries and 5000 deaths.

If you find yourself in a similar situation or know someone who does, at TrialGuy, we completely understand your situation and are there to listen to you and help you.

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How do pedestrian accidents happen?

All licensed drivers in Alaska are supposed to obey the traffic rules and apply reasonable care while driving a vehicle for sharing a road with other drivers. If the driver fails to exercise such proper care and does not abide by the traffic norms, they can be held liable for the accident and injuries suffered by the pedestrians.

Following are the common reasons why pedestrian accidents take place in Alaska:-

  • Inattentive driver
  • Intoxicated driver
  • Reckless driving
  • Driver not obeying traffic signals and signs.

After the accident, many drivers tend to believe that pedestrians were at fault, especially if the pedestrian is seen or assumed to be texting while walking or crossing the road. It is very complicated to determine liability in pedestrian accident cases; therefore, it becomes essential to hire an experienced lawyer to investigate this and help you claim your legal right.

Damages that can be recovered after the pedestrian accident

Pedestrians on foot are in no comparison with multi-ton vehicles. Even if a bicyclist hits them, sometimes they suffer serious injuries. At TrialGuy, we have helped our pedestrian accident clients to recover and receive compensation including but not limited to:-

  • Quick medical treatment
  • Rehabilitative therapy and other medical care associated with the accident
  • Medical equipment and medications
  • Lost income
  • Future income

Our team of experienced pedestrian attorneys has also helped family members of those wrongfully killed by such accidents. The family member of wrongfully killed members can seek compensation for:-

  • Funeral costs
  • Medical costs
  • Damage for the loss of expected inheritance
  • Damage for the loss of companionship
  • Financial assistance

A lawyer will help you settle your case faster and then claim a more considerable sum of compensation. We will do everything in our hands to help you obtain justice and get you what you deserve.

Consult us before consulting the insurance company

You may not even realize that you are negatively impacting your claim by talking to the insurance company before talking to a lawyer. If you go to the insurance company, they might take a recorded statement from you or make you sign some papers or get you checked by the doctors, which is not a good sign in your case. Our experienced lawyers are accustomed to dealing with such insurance companies and know how to get the maximum claim of your insurance out of them. We make sure you deserve what you get and not less than that.

Our attorney will collect all the evidence related to your pedestrian accident case, provide a timeline, collect all the relevant medical records of you, and then file a strong litigation case. You cannot just expect the insurance company to settle your claim fairly unless you present a credible threat of litigation. Since evidence can easily be destroyed, you should contact our attorneys as soon as possible after your accident.

Hiring a pedestrian accident lawyer

If you were hit by a car or other motor vehicle while on foot, the trial guy can take legal action against the liable party. With decades' experience in this field, pedestrian accident lawyers understand the operation of insurance companies and their process to negotiate a settlement. Therefore a lawyer will help you fully cover the cost of your medical expenses, your lost wages or income, pain and suffering, and other related damages. We are prepared to advocate for you in the trial when the case cannot be settled by a fair settlement.

If you want your loved ones to be a victim of a pedestrian accident because of the negligence of a driver, you must be entitled to compensation for the injuries or damages you have suffered.

At TrialGuy, our pedestrian accident lawyers are experienced enough in dealing with such accident cases. Our team will investigate thoroughly and understand the circumstances surrounding the accident and the injuries you have suffered. We have offices in Anchorage, Alaska, Soldotna, Denali, Kenai and we are proud to serve all of Alaska.

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