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Over the past few years, there has been a significant increase in the popularity of off-road activities all across the United States. Snow machining and four-wheeling are often considered a fun hobby in Alaska as well as they're considered an essential means of transportation. People in Alaska think it to be a way of their life. Unfortunately, if these are misused, they can be very dangerous and lead to severe injury or death. Suppose you find yourself in a similar situation or know someone who does. In that case, you must contact an experienced snowmachine and ATV accident attorney in Alaska and make yourself aware of the legal remedies available. At TrialGuy, we completely understand your situation and are there to listen to you and help you.

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Causes of Snowmachine or ATV accidents

  • Non-attentive driver
  • Driving while consuming drugs or alcohol
  • Improper types of equipment in the vehicle
  • Following other vehicles too closely
  • Bad weather conditions
  • Uneven terrain

Risks and injuries associated with Snowmachine and ATV accident

Snowmachine and ATV have become a powerful mode of transportation in the United States of America over the years, specifically ATVs. The weight of a four-wheeler usually is between 550 pounds to 650 pounds depending on what the model is. There are various safety features associated with the ATVs and Snow Machines, irrespective of their size. Because of their heavyweight, they can flip or roll around very quickly. Along with this risk, unforeseen obstacles and uneven terrain are other factors. All these together lead to the riders being thrown away from the vehicle for being crushed underneath it.

Children are at a higher risk for death or severe injuries from such accidents because the snow machine or ATV weighs five times stronger than the children. Even adults suffer from severe injury or permanent disablement from such accidents. Some common injuries from these accidents are brain disorders, spinal fractures, back injuries, and many more. These can destroy your life permanently if you're a victim of such an accident.

What if you are a victim of a Snowmachine or ATV accident

If you, unfortunately, are a victim of a snow machine or ATV accident that you think has been caused by someone else, how do you proceed? How do you find out the facts associated with the accident? Supposedly, you were a passenger on the vehicle, but because of some carelessness on the driver's end, an accident occurred, and you were severely injured. This whole situation usually is governed by the rules of negligence in Alaskan law which mentions that when a person is injured by another person's negligence, the injured party's amount of fault will reduce proportionately any damages that are provided. In ATV crashes DUI/DWI laws are applicable just like automobile accidents. To win the case following things are required to be proven:

  • The driver had the duty to refrain from committing any act that could break the traffic laws and lead to such accidents.
  • The driver did not obey his duty.
  • Because of the breach of his duty, an injury is caused to you
  • The driver knew or should have known that failure to abide by the law can lead to such injury
  • Because of the damage, you have to pay heavy medical bills.

Of course, every accident cannot be as simple as this one. If you or your loved ones find themselves in a situation where you or your relatives are injured in a snow machine or ATV accident, you may be required to pay heavy medical bills and expenses while you are recovering. At TrialGuy, a personal injury attorney has experience in such accident cases and will investigate the circumstances of your accident thoroughly. This investigation will help us determine if you are entitled to compensation for the heavy medical bills, damages, losses, or even funeral expenses in the death of a loved one.

Statute of limitation

Personal injury law in Alaska is based on tort law. According to the Alaska statute§ 09.10.070, a person cannot bring a lawsuit against a person for personal injuries after 3 years. The timeline in these cases starts when the insured person discovers that there is a claim against the wrongdoer. Statute of limitation might not be applicable in a case where the individual was a minor or was a disabled person. This process is known as tolling. Even if we do not consider the timeline in the statute of limitation, taking timely action is very important in such personal injury cases to speed up the process. Every case is different and there are exceptions to the Statute of Limitations. It is imperative you speak with a lawyer as soon as possible following any accident. 

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