With over 20 years of experience as a criminal defense and personal injury lawyer in Alaska, Eric Derleth has dealt with his fair share of tough cases. Here are a few examples of those cases.

Success in Personal Injury Cases

  • $750,000 Settlement – Wrongful death of an inmate due to medical negligence:
  • $325,000 Settlement –  Wrongful death in a car wreck resulting in the death of an elderly woman
  • $275,000 Settlement – Wrongful death of a child
  • $4,500,000 Jury Verdict – Unlawful termination
  • $1,000,000 Settlement – Wrongful discharge
  • $145,000 Jury Verdict – Negligent entrustment after an employee ran over a woman
  • $625,000 Settlement – Auto accident resulting in dislocated hip and torn knee
  • $367,000 Settlement – Auto accident resulting in a fractured kneecap
  • $117,000 Settlement – Auto accident resulting in a torn knee and lost wages
  • $174,000 Settlement – Auto accident injuring multiple family members
  • $92,000 Settlement – Rear-end collision injuring an elderly gentleman
  • $225,000 Settlement – Slip and fall on ice on commercial premises
  • $175,000 Settlement – Slip and fall on ice at residential apartment
  • $158,000 Settlement – Auto accident resulting in injuries to a passenger

Success in Criminal Defense

  • Not Guilty – First-degree murder
  • Not Guilty – Second-degree murder
  • Case Dismissed – Second-degree murder
  • Case Dismissed – Felony tax evasion and perjury charges
  • Not Guilty – Felony gun assault
  • Not Guilty – Felony conspiracy to commit arson
  • Case Dismissed – Felony sex offense
  • Not Guilty – Felony domestic violence
  • Not Guilty – Felony car-jacking and felony assaults
  • Not Guilty – Felony assaults with a gun (x 7)
  • Case Dismissed – Felony unlawful enticement of a minor
  • Case Dismissed – Felony kidnapping
  • Case Dismissed – Felony sexual abuse of a minor
  • Case Dismissed – Felony sexual assault in the first degree
  • Case Dismissed – Felony drug offense for extensive marijuana grow
  • Case Dismissed – Illegal building in Anadromous Lake
  • Not Guilty – Felony DUI
  • Not Guilty – Felony DUI and eluding
  • Case Dismissed – DUI and Refusal to submit to a chemical test

These descriptions are intended only to provide information about Eric Derleth’s activities and experience. The results in each case depend on a number of factors unique to each matter. Prior results should not be understood as a guarantee or assurance of future success in any matter.