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Theft Crimes Charges in Alaska

If you or your loved one is facing a theft charge in Alaska, it is always in your best interest to prepare your defense. Most cases need the state to prove intent, which can be complex, especially in scenarios where people have forgotten to pay for the one product at the bottom of their grocery cart or in cases involving someone with no prior criminal history. Work with our experienced theft crime lawyer in Alaska to effectively fight for your innocence and seek the dismissal of your case.

At the law office of Eric Derleth, we provide thorough and aggressive criminal legal defense for our clients. We will provide you with high-level service as we work diligently to assert your rights. We entirely understand your concerns, and we will stay in touch with you throughout your case with one-on-one support. With 24-hour access to our Alaska theft attorney, we will guide you through the complex legal system regarding your theft charge.

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Degrees of Theft Crimes

Alaska, like many states, classifies its theft offenses according to the value of the property taken or, in some cases, the type of property regardless of value. Generally, the penalties for theft increase as the value of the property or services stolen increases. Likewise, previous criminal convictions can bump a theft charge up to a higher level in Alaska's classification scheme for theft offenses.

There are four degrees of theft in Alaska, and each degree has different consequences—fourth-degree theft offenses are the comparatively lowest.

4th Degree Theft (Petty theft): Theft of services or property valued at less than $250 falls under theft in the fourth degree or petty theft. Fourth-degree theft is a class B misdemeanor, which can result in imprisonment of not more than three months, as well as a fine of $2,000 or less. 

The penalty increases to third-degree theft if the wrongdoer has three or more theft-related convictions in the past five years.

3rd-Degree Theft: A person performs third-degree theft by stealing services or property valued at $250 or more but less than $750. Theft in the third degree falls under class A misdemeanor, which carries a sentence of a year or less imprisonment and a fine up to $25,000.

The penalty bumps up to second-degree theft (a felony) if the person gets two or more theft-related convictions in the past five years.

2nd -Degree Theft: Second-degree theft covers stealing services or property valued at $750 or more but less than $25,000. It is also second-degree theft to steal the proper firearms or survival equipment from an aircraft or identification documents, or access to devices such as credit or debit cards, regardless of the property's value.

A person convicted of second-degree theft receives penalties for a class C felony. The offender may receive a sentence of imprisonment for up to 5 years and a fine of not more than $50,000. However, if the offender has no prior criminal convictions and no other exceptional circumstances exist, the offender may receive a sentence of two years or less.

5th Degree Theft: Theft of services or property valued at more than $25,000 constitutes theft in the first degree. First-degree theft falls under class B felony. If a court charged an offender with robbery in the first degree, the offender could get a maximum sentence of up to 10 years imprisonment and a fine of $100,000. If the person has no prior felony convictions, Alaska's law provides that the sentencing range is one to three years.

Embezzlement Charges in Alaska

Embezzlement (also known as employee embezzlement, employee theft, or employee fraud) happens when a person in a position of the trust transfers funds for personal use. Considered a white-collar crime, embezzlement is severely culpable under Alaska law. Embezzlement may happen in the workplace, in showy schemes designed as legitimate business ventures, and investment opportunities.

Under Alaska's embezzlement laws, the embezzlement of property under $50 counts as theft in the fourth degree. Theft under $50 falls under the Class B misdemeanor offense.

If you are convicted of a Class B misdemeanor embezzlement charge, you could face up to 3 months imprisonment and a fine of not more than $2000.If theft of property worth $500 to $25,000, five years imprisonment may be awarded. This conviction is considered theft in the 2nd degree and classified as a Class C felony.

Suppose you or a loved one has been arrested or convicted with an embezzlement case. In that case, it is wise to immediately call the Anchorage embezzlement defense attorneys at the Trial Guy's office. An experienced criminal attorney, Eric Derleth possesses decades of experience defending clients in a wide range of theft crimes. We are dedicated to getting your charges declined or dismissed altogether to minimize your exposure to severe penalties such as incarceration, restitution, probation, community service, or fines.

Shoplifting Charges in Alaska

Shoplifting is a type of theft crime. It is a charge in which material items are stolen from a store. Depending on the property value of the stolen objects and the existing state of your criminal record impacts the multiple charges associated with this crime, from a misdemeanor to a felony offense. Types of shoplifting cases include the concealment of the retail item, price changing, implication to shoplifting, stolen goods, foods, or others from a retail store.

Shoplifting of merchandise results in imprisonment and fines. In addition to charges of criminal, civil penalties for shoplifting are legally recognized in Alaska, making the person liable to deal with a civil lawsuit. One shoplifting conviction can ruin your reputation and stain your life forever. Do not let a criminal conviction destroy your life. Call the Trial Guy Now!

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If you face shoplifting charges or theft, speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney Eric Derleth promptly. An attorney can assist you in navigating the criminal justice system in Alaska, defend your rights, and raise a solid defense. Any charge, even a simple misdemeanor, leads to consequences beyond a criminal conviction. A previous criminal record can affect your ability to get a loan, job, or housing. Ensure to consult a knowledgeable attorney about the current charges and how a criminal record can impact your future. In the Alaskan complex legal system, your theft charge can result in imprisonment, fines, and a shattered reputation in society. 

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