Two Dead in Car Accident on Sterling Highway

Sterling Highway, Alaska (November 22, 2021)

According to the Alaska Native News, The Alaska State Troopers reported that two people died last Saturday night with one seriously injured along the Sterling Highway mile 64. The Sterling Highway begins 90 miles south of Anchorage at its junction with the Seward Highway at Tern Lake, travels west to Soldotna, then south to Homer. The Sterling Highway passes through Chugach National Forest and Kenai National Wildlife Refuge lands. The AST has started an investigation into the automobile crash. The accident apparently involved a non-commercial vehicle, a van crossed the center line and sideswiped another vehicle before hitting another car in a head-on collision. The two people killed in the auto accident were 55-year-old Fedos Martushoff and 26-year-old Seward resident, Matthew Shull. A passenger in the second vehicle, who has not been identified, was sent to Anchorage and is expected to survive. Our firm is relying upon information from third-party sources about the crash. Although an investigation is pending by the State Troopers, the car crossing the center line seems to be responsible for the car accidents, automobile crash deaths, and injuries to the victim sent to the hospital. Multiple first responders, police, the fire department, Alaska State Troopers, all responded to the accident scene to help those in need from serious injuries.


Car accidents are some of the most dangerous and deadly accidents in Alaska. According to the Anchorage Press, Alaska has the worst drivers in America. According to the Anchorage press, Alaska ranked as the state with the worst drivers in 2020, had its best category in careless driving and a tie for its worst category — drunk driving and speeding. Of its 80 traffic deaths in 2018, just 14 pedestrians were killed, which amounted to 17.5 percent of all traffic deaths. It ranked near the middle of the pack in this category.

But its worst categories of drunk driving and speeding drag it down and are two of the factors in Alaska's 2020 appearance in this list of states with the worst drivers. The categories of drunk driving and speeding account for 97.5 percent of Alaska's total traffic deaths in 2018.

Of its 80 overall traffic deaths, 36 came when a driver drank and drove. This accounted for 45 percent of all traffic deaths. Another 42 involved speedings, amounting to 52.5 percent of all traffic deaths. Careless driving and failure to obey traffic laws were leading factors in traffic accident-related fatalities in Alaska.


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We hate to see anyone lose their lives or be seriously injured in an automobile accident or any personal injury accident caused by someone else. I hope that their families seek and receive comfort. My condolences to all involved.

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