What is a Felony Criminal Lawyer in Alaska?

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Felony Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Help You!

Felony Criminal Lawyer in Alaska

Getting charged with a felony in Alaska can be horrifying. Felony includes severe forms of crimes like rape, murder, robbery, etc. They can also have white-collar crimes like tax evasion and securities fraud. You may get arrested and severely punished for committing felony crimes in Alaska. One can be prisoned for one year or life, either in State or federal prison. A person charged with felony crimes is deprived of privileges as a citizen of America, state privileges, like the right to vote, the right to travel, etc. Felons are often treated as second-class citizens for mistakes in their past, maybe when they were very young or inexperienced.

 If you have been arrested or charged with felony crimes, contact a reasonable attorney to defend yourself. It would be best if you had an experienced attorney who will fight the charges. Be sure to reach an experienced felony criminal attorney quickly. 

We are here and can help you in getting out of such a fix. At Trial Guy, Our Anchorage Felony accident attorney Eric Derleth possesses a vast understanding and experience in Alaska criminal law. Eric has represented thousands of criminal defendants for crimes across Alaska for over 25 years and has never lost a murder trial.

Who is Attorney Eric Derleth?

With an experience of over 25 years in Alaska at the "Trial Guy," attorney Eric Derleth has assisted the people of Alaska and surrounding areas in criminal cases. Being born and brought up in Soldotna, Eric understands the depth of Alaska's laws, the people living there, and the State of Alaska. Eric knows the local judges and prosecutors, court clerks, judicial assistants, and more. Not all criminal defense attorneys are the same. We advise you to choose wisely, especially in felony criminal cases in Anchorage and across Alaska.

Criminal law is all about raising a voice for the rights of every individual, and Eric has handled thousands of criminal cases throughout the State of Alaska and has offices near you, in Anchorage and Soldotna.

Defense Against Felony Charges in Alaska

When accused and arrested for a felony crime, your entire life turns upside down. Your future depends on the trial. If you get convicted, your whole life can be ruined. So it is imperative to understand the consequences and situations you have to face. We know it won't be easy. We are there to listen and help you; we will represent you with complete dedication. 

We have defended various felony criminal charges and have helped many people get their lives back on track. Some charges that we support are:

  • Crimes related to theft, burglary, and robbery
  • If you have been accused of murder
  • Kidnapping 
  • Abduction
  • Cases about sexual assault
  • Sex crimes
  • Manslaughter
  • Trespassing
  • Illegal selling of drugs
  • Illegal possession of drugs
  • Identity theft 
  • Fraud
  • Conspiracy
  • Vehicular manslaughter
  • Extortion
  • Blackmail
  • Embezzlement
  • Crimes relating to weapons
  • Arson and larceny
  • Felony Drug Charges
  • Violent Crimes

Unclassified felony

These include the most dangerous forms of crime and are punishable with long years of imprisonment and a hefty fine. These include murder, sexual assaults, and attempts to murder. Under this, one can be sent to jail for a period of 20 to 99 years and a fine of up to $500,000.

Class A felonies

Under this, one can be sent to jail for up to 20 years and fined $25,000. These include crimes like first-degree assault.

Class B Felonies 

Under this, one can be punished with imprisonment of 10 years and a fine of $10,000. These include crimes like selling drugs and cocaine to a minor three years younger than him. 

Class C felonies

Under this, one is punished with imprisonment of five years and a fine of up to 50,000. These are not severe types of crimes. They are committing fraud or prostitution. 

Statute of limitations

Statute of limitations is when one can file a case against the other after the expiration of the rule of limitation, and one case gets dismissed. According to Alaskan Laws, there is no statute of limitations for felony crimes. The statute of limitations starts with the commitment of the crime. 

Why do you need an attorney?

When being charged with a crime, you will be alone. You will need someone who you can trust with your life as this case will either make you or break you. Hiring an experienced attorney will be there, facing all this with you. He will do all the legal works and other procedures required to be complied with. Dealing with the legal trial is complicated; each crime needs to be defended separately, and there are different standards and punishments for each. An attorney will represent and do all these things. An attorney will:

  • Listen to the charges, facts, and all other necessary things thoroughly
  • He will then interrogate and find all the pieces of evidence
  • He will ask questions from all the parties involved and also from the police inspector
  • He will examine the crime scene and collect evidence and information that is relevant 
  • He will prepare the argument that will make a strong case 
  • He will make you understand all the charges and punishments involved
  • Discuss with the prosecutor to either remove or reduce the sentence.

See a Criminal Defence Lawyer and Get Free Consultation!

It's time to consider felony crimes dangerous and take quick decisions while hiring an experienced attorney for the same.

Now that you know that committing a felony crime is severe and holds a punishment upon conviction don't hesitate to contact an experienced attorney to prepare for your defense and make your penalties less severe or reduce your jail time. All these factors can make legal tasks difficult. That is why it is essential to obtain the services of an experienced attorney who will help you win your criminal charge in court.

Our experienced attorney Eric Derleth will not let you suffer from an unjust punishment or a violation of your Constitutional Rights. He will use his expertise and resources to provide quality legal service to you, and he will never give up.  

You can contact us at 907-262-9164 to connect with a skilled felony criminal attorney in Alaska, Attorney Eric Derleth, serving Anchorage, Soldotna, Kenai, and the Palmer/Wasilla areas of Alaska. Contact today for a free, confidential consultation!


With Alaska in his blood, for 25 years, the "Trial Guy," Eric Derleth has helped the people in Anchorage, Kenai, and Palmer / Wasilla areas as a personal injury and criminal lawyer. Born and raised in Soldotna, Eric truly understands Alaska’s laws, the people, and the true nature of Alaska. The Trial Guy was raised in a log cabin in Alaska with a belief in America, and a belief in strong individual liberty guaranteed by our Constitution and was raised to fight for the rights of all of Alaska. Eric has expanded his criminal defense and auto accident injury lawyers practice near you, with offices in Anchorage and Soldotna. LEARN MORE ABOUT ERIC