Success Stories


Success in Personal Injury Cases

  • $750,000 Settlement – Wrongful death of an inmate due to medical negligence:
  • $325,000 Settlement –  Wrongful death in a car wreck resulting in the death of an elderly woman
  • $275,000 Settlement – Wrongful death of a child
  • $4,500,000 Jury Verdict – Unlawful termination
  • $1,000,000 Settlement – Wrongful discharge
  • $145,000 Jury Verdict – Negligent entrustment after an employee ran over a woman
  • $625,000 Settlement – Auto accident resulting in dislocated hip and torn knee
  • $367,000 Settlement – Auto accident resulting in a fractured kneecap
  • $117,000 Settlement – Auto accident resulting in a torn knee and lost wages
  • $174,000 Settlement – Auto accident injuring multiple family members
  • $92,000 Settlement – Rear-end collision injuring an elderly gentleman
  • $225,000 Settlement – Slip and fall on ice on commercial premises
  • $175,000 Settlement – Slip and fall on ice at residential apartment
  • $158,000 Settlement – Auto accident resulting in injuries to a passenger


With Alaska in his blood, for 25 years, the "Trial Guy," Eric Derleth has helped the people in Anchorage, Kenai, and Palmer / Wasilla areas as a personal injury and criminal lawyer. Born and raised in Soldotna, Eric truly understands Alaska’s laws, the people, and the true nature of Alaska. The Trial Guy was raised in a log cabin in Alaska with a belief in America, and a belief in strong individual liberty guaranteed by our Constitution and was raised to fight for the rights of all of Alaska. Eric has expanded his criminal defense and auto accident injury lawyers practice near you, with offices in Anchorage and Soldotna. LEARN MORE ABOUT ERIC