Whether severe or minor, accidents can drastically change a person's future. They can cause a loss of wages, permanent disabilities, or pain, and suffering. Just because motor vehicle accidents are common in Alaska doesn't mean familiarizing yourself with the associated facts should be brushed aside. In 2017, 79 fatalities in 75 fatal crashes were reported in Alaska, as per the Alaska Highway Safety Office. Losing a loved one can be a traumatic experience. And we firmly believe that we can assist you in getting out of such a fix.

We sincerely suggest that if you or your family members, friends, and relatives have been hurt because of a motor vehicle accident in Alaska, you first need to contact a seasoned personal injury attorney in Anchorage and Soldotna. An experienced attorney can help you fight the case throughout and get you adequate relief along with maximum compensation, so justice is done to you and your close loved ones.

Our Anchorage car accident attorney Eric Derleth possesses a vast understanding and experience of Alaska law and has helped many people receive fair compensation that will help you get on with your life.

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Each car accident differs from another; some are minor, whereas some can be as significant as finding it difficult to survive and resulting in death. Like different car accidents have other consequences, so do other car accidents have different causes. Whatever the reason, a car accident can be one of the most traumatic experiences that one can think of. Injuries suffered by victims of car accidents can be medically challenging for years or the rest of your life.

Unfortunately, the drivers behind the wheel are often careless and reckless. In Alaska specifically, a person with reckless behavior while driving and operating a motor vehicle often does not take enough safety precautions for others they encounter on the road. No matter how many safety precautions are taken while walking on the road, a reckless driver can still cause you severe bodily injury. In case of such an incident with your life or your loved ones, contact a personal injury attorney to learn more about the legal remedies available to you against reckless drivers.

To get out is very important first to identify the cause of such accidents, which are listed below:

Driving -

People in Alaska have a fast-paced life, always in a hurry. However, being a fast pacer does not give the drivers the authority to drive recklessly and exceed their speed limit. As we all know, driving at speed puts the pedestrian and motorists at risk of danger as the driver might lose control of the vehicle or cause a negligent accident. Punishment of driving at an excessive rate defined is defined in Alaska law 13 AAC as $300.

Driving aggressively-

The safety rules at Alaska define aggressive driving as immature behavior that ignores the safety of others and deliberately indulges in the act of safe-less driving. Some examples that can be aggressive driving include:

  • Not entirely stopping at traffic signs and lights
  • Tailgating
  • Driving off the lane
  • Cutting other drivers
  • Break checking drivers
  • Changing the lanes without giving signals

Distracted driving-

Driving while distracted by electronic and technological devices like smartphones and tablets has created havoc. They are creating dangerous risks for drivers and people walking on the streets. Centers for disease control states that operating phones takes away a person's mind from driving. Distracted driving is a leading cause of car accidents in Alaska. Eating can be a distraction, as can talking to other passengers. It is even illegal to go while talking on the phone in Alaska, and the offense is punishable by up to 1 year of jail or a fine of $10,000.

Being drunk while driving-

This is also known as driving under the influence (DUI). It means that when a person operates a motor vehicle while under any alcohol or drugs. It is negligent behavior of the driver. This is a situation where no matter how much care a person takes while walking or driving on the road, he can be hit by such intoxicated drivers due to their negligent behavior. This is when the victim must contact a personal interior attorney to learn other feasible legal options against the driver and their insurance company.

Impaired driving due to harsh weather-

All the harsh weather conditions like heavy rainfall, snow, sleet, storm, etc., demands the driver be cautious. Some people often become comfortable driving in bad weather, taking this for granted and becoming less attentive. This behavior leads to higher chances of accidents in bad weather. Even the law requires us to have reasonable care to avoid any collision. Thus it cannot be said that weather is the reason for accidents; it can be avoided by adopting careful behavior.

At Trial Guy, the most experienced personal injury attorney Eric Derleth can advocate you with a vast understanding of Alaskan legal decorum and his experience regarding motor vehicle accidents and potential remedies available in such cases. He can help you get fair compensation and heal peacefully as he knows your pain and will be there to listen to you.

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We understand one has to go through a lot of emotional, physical, and financial pain. Only an experienced attorney will help you get through such a tough time and will properly guide you regarding insurance matters throughout the case. You can protect your legal rights and recover compensation by gaining support from a skilled attorney. One need not deal with all such things alone. We have dealt with many cases and helped many people suffering in Alaska. Our team of professional legal counsels has been very successful in helping the injured in traffic accidents caused negligently for quite a long time now. Eric Derleth, an experienced attorney in Anchorage, will help you provide total-fledged and fair compensation for the loss suffered by you if such accidents occurs caused due to another person's reckless behavior.

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